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Our Cookies Policy

By clicking “I Agree” on the pop-up banner on our homepage, which shows a message stating that you would like to see news, or information or promotion about the services and products of Yao Island Village. Under this privacy policy, you have agreed to allow us to collect and use the information about your access in the form of cookies. Collecting and using your information in the form of cookies is necessary because we will provide you with our best new information or promotion of our services and products through the website.

Cookies are small files that collect information in your computer and/or communication device (e.g., laptop or smartphone) when you visit our website. Cookies do not damage your computer and/or communication device, please note. To remember your language and customize our website to meet your needs, we use cookies to enhance your online service experience. Cookies also can identify the users’ personal preferences, the security of your personal account and the products and services correspond to your interests. In addition, cookies are used to record the number and duration of your visits to our website and your browsing history for advertisement and public relations purposes.

How and why do we record and use cookies on our website?

We use cookies to analyze and process how you interact with our website for satisfying your online experience and satisfaction. Cookies are also used to advertise and publicize our products and services for customizing our website and advertising campaigns to meet your interests.

What will happen if you reject cookies?

Please be aware that if you do not accept cookies, you will still be able to visit our website, but certain features may not function properly or efficiently and you will lose the opportunity to receive news, advertisements, and public relations about our products and services.

How long do we keep your personal data in cookies?

The information relating to your access to our website will be stored in cookies for a period of one year after your consent.

Who do we disclose data stored in cookies to?

The information relating to your access to our website will be under our best care in the form of cookies. We will disclose the said information only to our officers or contractors involved in analyzing and processing your website usage, producing advertising media and customizing the website.

Clarification regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal data.

  1. We will collect, use and disclose personal information only for the purposes mentioned above.
  2. We will notify the data subject of any subsequent changes made to the purposes of personal data collection, including its use and disclosure. We will request your consent for any changes.