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Kao Spa

The traditional thatched roof villa of Kao Spa sit atop of the lush island rice fields. The rustic nature inspired spa is a haven for relaxation offering a range of authentic Thai and stress relieving treatments to soothe the mind, body and soul. Only the finest natural ingredients are used for the scrubs, wraps, massages, foot spas and facials including cashew nuts, lemongrass, aloe vera, fresh coconut, cucumber and herbs. Private consultation, personalized treatments and couples packages are all available from the trained spa therapists.

Kao Massage

“Kao” it’s mean Rice. This treatment is our Signature massage mixed three in One style treatment include with Steamed Rice Heat Ball Compress help for muscle pain, relieve your tension with Traditional Thai Massage and Relaxing by Hot oil massage as well suits for relaxing, rejuvenating and relief all tensions finished by head massage.

Tien Massage

“Tien” it’s mean Candle Light. This treatment feel relax Massage are extremely relaxing and will awaken and will awaken your senses. Relax and Calm your mind in a warm and intimate room, softly lit by the flame of the candle. The soothing aroma of the candle will take you on a journey of senses. A Candle Massage combination warm essences and expert movements finished by head massage.

Thai Ritual Massage

The combination of Traditional Thai Massage and the Thai Herbal Heat Ball Compress using by Thai in the ancient time to stimulate blood flow and muscle soreness. At the result this will leave you with a deep feeling of total relaxation.

Maprow Kood Massage

“Maprow Kood” it’s mean White Coconut flakes, is derived from the Thai local wisdom, this massage used Natural product included fresh coconut flakes and milk with gentle pressure.

Take time 90 minutes for whole body massage, then after massage will make your skin is soft, brightening, smoothly, moisturized, and look healthy also make the skin radiant and this White Maprow Massage feeling “Two in One” with body massage and body exfoliate. Suitable for people who with Sensitive Skin, Red Skin, Sunburn Skin or heat from Sun. finished by head massage.


Secret of Rice

The treatment commences with jasmine rice wrap to allow many essential vitamins from jasmine rice to feed skin and follow by scrubbing to remove dead cell and push nutrients into skin in order to tighten the pore and leave skin silkier and healthier after washed. Then a full relaxing body and mind sensation massage with jasmine rice oil to enhance the youth and firmness of skin. End by a bathing in a warn Jacuzzi with Thai ancient perfume to soak off any leftover cell and leave skin very smooth and relaxing as a result.


“Luxury Facial Treatments are even more effective and relaxing, to deliver immediate rejuvenating and well-being results, which last.” All product is purity At Kao Spa we used Thai herbal, fruit and HARNN (Thai facial treatment brand) in our treatment, including facial cleansing, facial scrubbing, facial masking and facial massage.

Fours Facial Treatment course are available

  • Herbal Facial Treatment
  • Smooth&Youthful Facial Treatment
  • Royal Facial Treatment
  • Firming Facial Treatment